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  1. What Makes Us Tick?

    1st November 2016 by St Raphaels Dental

    The team at St Raphaels were extremely excited when they found out that the Wigan Evening Post wanted to do a story on why we do what we do and what made us all tick together.

    We were asked a series of questions from the reporter there to find out what type of services we provided, treatments that we helped people with, how long we have been established and where as a business and a team planning to go as we develope over the years.

    We are pretty sure you will find this a great read as well as insightful into the background operations of the dental practice. You also get to know our team in a lot more personal view. The team are what makes and ticks St Raphaels Dental Practice and you will be seeing more of us within our community with future charity work as well as bringing the latest treatments into the heart of Upholland, Skelmersdale. Enjoy the read 🙂

    wigan evening post

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