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Dental Implants Upholland

Would you like to eat confidently? Smile without fear of missing teeth? you can now with dental implants 

Treatment for missing or severely decayed teeth has advanced significantly in recent years, and at St Raphael’s Dental Practice we offer the world’s latest and modern treatment options to our patients here in Skelmersdale. dental implants skelmersdale

Gone are the days when the only option was a denture which isn’t pleasant nor does it help with self-esteem. Now, permanent solutions are available that are much more comfortable and practical – in fact, you can hardly tell it isn’t your own tooth.

Dental Implants are a popular modern solution to missing teeth. They are made from a titanium screw which is carefully attached to the jaw, supporting one or more replacement teeth. The secure implant reduces movement and offers a great alternative to dentures. No more denture adhesive!

Patients find that implants are a comfortable and long-term solution to missing teeth, returning their confidence and enabling them to smile, eat and enjoy life as they used to. If you have problems with dentures, or you have a missing tooth that makes you feel self-conscious, implants may be the right solution for you.


Dental Implants are ideal for people who suffer from the following;

  • Loose Dentures
  • Missing Teeth
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Gag Reflex Due to Dentures
  • Tooth Loss Due to Trauma
  • Tooth Loss Due to Gum Disease

Dental Implants are the closest option to having actual teeth and implant have versatile uses eg support dentures or act as bridges. They use the same principles of natural teeth by having a root placed within the bone and a crown to help chew food.


Meet Your Highly Skilled Implant Dentist 

dental implants upholland

Our Implant Dentist, Mr Richard Malloch is very experienced in the use of dental implants and would be happy to discuss the process with you. If you are suitable, he will recommend the right treatment for you and carry out the procedure to the highest standard, including advice for aftercare.

We only use the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers to ensure you receive a long lasting and healthy dental implant for decades to come. We use Straumann, Astra and MegaGen dental implants.


Call us on 01695 627 617 now to arrange your Consultation or fill the form below.


What Our Clients Have To Say

“I first met Richard around 10 years ago
when I was looking for someone to work
a bit of magic on my aging teeth; I had
been the victim of some truly awful dental
work and was very nervous about allowing
anyone near my teeth.
However, I couldn’t have met a more
considerate dentist for a well as being
a technical whizz, he was endlessly patient
with me to ensure that I was entirely happy
with the colour, look and fit of my new smile.
Would I recommend Richard? You bet –
in a heartbeat!”
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