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Independent Fees

Routine Dental Care

Independent Exam £46.00
X-Rays (Small Film) £12.00 each
Urgent Appointment (In hours) £52.00 per visit

Dental Hygiene

Routine Hygienist Care £41.00
Airflow £75.00
Periodontal Treatment per quadrant
(Hygienist can decide based on requirement how many sessions)
Periodontal Treatment per quadrant (Laser Therapy)
(Hygienist can decide based on requirement how many sessions)
Halo Hygiene Plan £6.50 – £13.00 per month


Small Composite Filling £100.00 each
Moderate Composite Filling £130.00 each
Complex Composite Filling £160.00 each
Complex Composite Filling (Build Up) £180.00 each

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Emax Veneer £560.00 per tooth
Porcelain Veneer £460.00 per tooth
Zirconia Crown £580.00 per tooth
Porcelain Bonded Crown £460.00 per tooth
Maryland Bridge £560.00 each
Composite Inlay £360.00 each

Tooth Whitening

Boutique Whitening Home £275.00
Boutique Whitening Maintenance £75.00
Sensitivity Relief £15.00
Enlighten Whitening £595.00
Internal Bleaching £45.00 per session


Acrylic Partial Denture £460.00 per arch
Chrome Partial Denture £560.00 per arch
Acrylic Full Denture £510.00 per arch
Chrome Full Denture £660.00 per arch

Other Dental Treatments

Missed Appointment Charge £15.00 (per 15 mins of the allocated appointment time)
Study Models £35.00
Night Guard £110.00
Bleaching Trays £110.00
IV Sedation (Per 30mins) £150.00
Wand Local Anaesthesia £20.00 per tooth


(The consultation fee is paid in advance of the implant consultation, and is non-refundable however this will be deducted from the total treatment cost where treatment is proceeded with)  
OPG X-Ray £75.00
3D Cone Beam CT Scan (CT-Dent, Manchester) £140.00
Fixed (non-removable) Options
Single Tooth Implant (Including the Crown) £1,950.00
Three-tooth Bridge on Two Implants £4,480.00
Four-tooth Bridge on Two Implants £4,980.00
Twelve-tooth Bridge (Full Jaw) on 5-8 Implants £12,000.00 – £14,000.00
Provisional Bridge Fitted on Same Day £2995.00 extra
Removable Options (overdentures)
Two Implant Overdenture on ‘Locators’ or ‘Ball Attachments’ £4,500.00
Four Implant overdenture on ‘Locators’ £6,500.00
Four-Six Implants and ‘Milled Bar’ with ‘Locators’ or ‘Ball Attachments’ £11,500.00 – £13,500

Additional Costs

‘Atraumatic’ extractions (per tooth) £95.00
Temporary Dentures/Bridges
– Single Teeth
– 2-5 Teeth
– Full Denture
– £295.00
– £495.00
– £695.00
Surgical Guide (most cases) £195.00
Radiographic Guide £195.00
Diagnostic Wax-up £40.00 (per tooth)
Small Bone Graft £350.00
Large Bone Graft (‘Block’ bone graft) £900.00 – £1500.00
Gum Grafts £495.00
Sinus Lift/Graft £1,200.00
Removal and Replacement of Implant if it fails before Crown or Bridge fitted No charge

Facial Aesthetics

Anti wrinkle treatment: 1 Area £175.00
Anti wrinkle treatment: 2 Areas £220.00
Anti wrinkle treatment: 3 Areas £250.00
Dermal Fillers: Fine Lines £165.00 (price from)
Lip Fillers £165.00 (price from)
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